Why Telemedicine Matters More Than Ever

With the world still reeling from the blows of COVID-19, we take a look at why telemedicine has become the most important medium of physician-patient communication, and how it has revolutionized the way doctors interact. It was an unprecedented event in world history, affecting all aspects of life and society. Most of the world was caught unprepared by the COVID-19 pandemic, and adjustments were made amid the crisis. The crisis, unfortunately, is still in existence, but most of the adjustments have been effective. Some adjustments are now being accepted as permanent because there are beliefs that the world is now in the “new normal.” In the field of medicine, one of the adjustments implemented was regularizing and expanding the use of telemedicine, which allows doctors and other healthcare professionals to provide services such as check-ups, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and care management with the use of technology such as telecommunications devices. This is akin to a “remote” consultation of doctors and their patients. Besides the necessity of physical distancing to avoid the spread of COVID-19, telemedicine has other advantages, including the following: Telemedicine saves you more time than you realize. Telemedicine cuts off the excess time you spend in the old days waiting for your patient to arrive. Just a few clicks and you’re right there talking with them. Telemedicine allows you to provide more information and details to the patient about their illnesses and your diagnosis. The use of technology has its perks, such as being able to add more visualization in your presentations, adding video clips, graphs, etc. This helps you explain more to your patients about what they need to know about their check-ups, diagnosis, and most especially during care management. Telemedicine saves your patients (especially the illest ones) from the inconvenience of having to travel to your clinic. Commonly, some patients are either too old or too ill to make the trip to your clinic. Also, there may be some uncontrollable and unavoidable factors such as heavy traffic, and heaven forbid they may encounter accidents along the way. Telemedicine helps them avoid this hassle, making it more convenient for the elderly to converse with you. Telemedicine makes care management easier and less expensive. With telemedicine, your patients no longer need to worry about transportation and travel costs, and you don’t have to worry about printing prescription papers, login, and logout sheets, care management reports and instructions, and other similar documents. With telemedicine, you can use emails, chats, text messages, and other tech media to provide whatever your patients need. However, there’s a catch. For telemedicine to reach its full potential and be highly advantageous to you, you will need personnel who are tech-savvy and knowledgeable in all the needed apps and programs. It’s pretty obvious that you won’t be able to conduct telemedicine on your own, so you have to have someone who will be able to help you. Why not an assistant with knowledge in the medical, healthcare, and office administrative field? Why not an HVAide? In fact, why not connect with us today, so we can tell you more?
let’s get your clinic optimized to be the best telemedicine provider in your area!

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