Insurance Verification

Your HVAide will process the checking of your patient’s coverage with the insurance company and verify the eligibility of his or her insurance claims to maximize reimbursement and minimize denials.

Insurance Verification: How Is It Today

Similar to Care Management, insurance verification underwent a massive change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The difficulty of the process is well-known even before the global health problem arrived. Still, it seemed to double or even triple due to the spike up of people requiring insurance coverage for their clinic and hospital payments.

In addition, it’s a well-known fact that physicians and other healthcare providers are hard-pressed to keep up with insurance verification and claims monitoring. Similar to what’s stated above, it also had an upswing in difficulty because of COVID-19.

Simply put, they have no time to monitor the entire process to acquire their compensation while at the same time providing healthcare assistance to their patients.

Here’s where our HVAides come in.

Trust The HVAide with the Insurance Verification Process

We invite you to just go ahead with your medical practice and leave the entire process of checking your patients’ coverage with their insurance company, plus the verification of their insurance claims, to our world-class HVAides.

Your HVAide will be on top of the situation and will make sure that all insurance coverage is verified, eligibility is sure, and major procedures are pre-authorized before the patient encounter. This is so that both you and the patient understand the coverage and co-pays better and there will be no surprises.

HVAides are also trained to verify almost all insurances via portal or calling, and they can even do DME’s, Medicare, and Medicaid! You can sit back and be rest assured that HVAides can take care of your insurance verification needs.

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