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One of the most reliable virtual medical assistance purveyors to healthcare providers and medical professionals

HVAide is a subsidiary of Remoworks International LLC., a Delaware-registered umbrella organization. Remoworks is also the parent company of Legal Virtual Aide (LV-Aide), a virtual legal assistance provider, and Business Virtual Aide (BVAide), a virtual business support solutions provider.

Healthcare Virtual Aide (HVAide) is one of the most reliable virtual medical assistance purveyors to healthcare providers and medical professionals. Our team consists of medically-knowledgeable Filipino professionals who are capable of doing live medical scribing, taking phone calls, managing patient appointments, maintaining the patient database, insurance verification and pre-certification, medical transcription, and other related administrative tasks.

HVAide also provides job opportunities for Filipino professionals who are dedicated to help physicians and healthcare professionals improve the lives of people who need medical assistance.

Meet The Management

The President of Remoworks International LLC, Dick Opulencia, or “Doc,” is a creative innovator and entrepreneur with over 11 years of experience in business leadership. Doc is a savant in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance, and management.

A goal-focused professional, Doc has excellent technical and communication skills. He is motivated and enthused about new challenges and tasks and takes an excellent approach to achieve success in all projects, especially the most challenging ones.

A multi-skilled entrepreneur, Doc is also a seasoned software developer with over 15 years of experience. He also has expertise on various quality processes and techniques with which he efficiently took care of his and his team’s quality deliverables which helped in gaining satisfied customers for the organization.

As President and Founder of HVAide, Doc envisions a healthcare system wherein the medical practitioner can focus on the craft itself while healthcare assistants deal with the administrative and operational concerns, and a system wherein these practitioners need not spend much to streamline their operations. This vision inspired Doc to start HVAide.

Vice President
Asisclo, or AC, is the “other half” of the Remoworks partnership. A Legal Attorney, AC graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree from Ateneo de Manila University and passed the bar exam in 2012. AC is a hardworker who believes in the innate skills of Filipinos.
AC is an experienced corporate law practitioner with a demonstrated history of working with some of the biggest law firms in the country. His areas of expertise include corporate law, regulatory compliance, data privacy, contracts negotiation, employment law, risk assessment, AML, and management of legal compliance, among others. A passionate strategist, AC builds and executes programs to help expand HVAide and elevate customers’ experience. He is effective in working in diverse, multicultural environments in start-up organizations.
Client Relations Manager
A 20-year veteran of human resource management, Maria is the former Vice President for Administration of the Castañeda Ship Manning Agency, wherein she handled matters pertaining to human resources, marketing, and overall business management.
Maria’s strengths are her exceptional skills in Business Communication, Client Relations, Human Resources, and Office Administration, which she uses to great extent with HVAide. Maria is a great communicator and is client-focused, open-minded, and driven to take care of clients and HVAides alike. “Working smart, working hard” has been her primary driving factor. Ensuring that all internal and external processes are always highly efficient, Maria provides the smoothest, most streamlined client services and solutions.
Billing & Finance
Dr. Atricia is a licensed Filipino dentist with a passion for business and financed. Highly organized and honest, Atricia possesses immense knowledge in Philippine and American Accounting and Taxation laws, rules, and regulations, having studied accounting for non-accountants at St. Paul University.
Hardworking, responsible, and detail oriented, Atricia is highly organized in finance and billing matters. Despite being multitalented, she is a team player and has great work ethic and balance, which is evidenced by her efficient work with HVAide and in Castañeda Ship Manning Agency as Vice President for Finance, plus as a mother to a pre-teen daughter and to a fur baby.
HR Recruitment
Josephine is a friendly, personable recruitment officer with a knack for matching the right people to the right job. She is the organizer for human resources, schedules trainings, keeps track of qualified applicants, and makes sure that every step taken is compliant to company standards.
A bright and passionate woman, Josephine manages her time well between her family and work. She is a consummate team player who does everything she can for the team.
Head of Operations

Cristina Mae or “Mae” is a registered nurse. She has worked as an Emergency Room nurse for more than 3 years. She also owned and managed a wellness spa for 5 years. She has been a healthcare virtual assistant for 3 years.

Mae’s dedication, focus and extensive experience as an entrepreneur, healthcare professional and virtual assistant enable her to  effectively support HVAide business practices, organize and direct their organizations’ processes.

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