Care Management

Your HVAide can follow up with your patients’ compliance with their treatment plan, facilitating coordination of care amongst their healthcare team, ensuring improved quality of health and effective patient care.

Care Management:
The Current Facts

Although care management has been around for a long time, it’s needed now more than ever. The crises the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered made everyone realize the importance of improving patient care and strengthening coordination between the patients and their caretakers and the healthcare providers.

The pandemic also underlined the importance of providing remote care management in order to protect both the patient and the physician from contracting COVID-19. Technology is now an indispensable tool in care management.

HVAides, Expert Assistants In Care Management

To that end, there’s no better assistant to get for your care management needs than an HVAide, literally a healthcare aide well-trained and highly skilled in remote working and use of technology. Here are some reasons why we say so:

Remote care management is the most advisable form of outpatient care nowadays. Besides being the present, it’s also the future—and both also characterize your HVAide.

Years in the healthcare Industry

Our HVAides spent years in the healthcare industry. Thus, they know how to properly facilitate the coordination with the relevant members of the patients’ healthcare team, including the latter’s private nurses or caregivers, other physicians, and yourself. This ensures that everything your patients need is covered and taken care of.
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