Virtual Front Office

Your HVAide can do different front office works such as answering calls, data entry, scheduling appointments, insurance verification, prior authorization, and more.

Front Office Work = Tedious!

This is one area where all types of businesses and organizations can agree: front office work takes so much of anyone’s time, and some might even say it’s tedious. Just scheduling appointments alone takes a big bite of a physician’s time, which he or she could have devoted to patient healthcare.

The ones that take the biggest bites are data entry tasks and answering calls. Imagine a dentist in the middle of extracting a tooth, and then someone calls on the phone. It interrupts the procedure and takes valuable time. Or imagine a surgeon who just finished an operation that lasted hours having to enter the data used and observed during the process—that surgeon will eventually fall ill due to exhaustion.

Another one that takes a giant bite is insurance verification—its entire process is undoubtedly long and requires constant follow-ups, which any practicing physician can’t afford.

Let Your HVAide Take It Up For You!

Your HVAide can be likened to a virtual secretary and office staffer, but someone with medical knowledge and credentials—in short, a perfect complement to a physician’s virtual front office needs.

Plus, our HVAides are well-trained and skilled and can be easily integrated into the system your clinic uses. They can also easily pick up the use of any exclusive apps your office utilizes, so you’d have no more concerns about prolonged training.

What are the advantages of hiring an HVAide for your office needs?

We streamline your operations

Having too many people to do multiple tasks that can be done by a few is an excellent source of headache. Having have to hire a separate admin assistant to work in your clinic is already a hassle. But hiring a Healthcare Virtual Aide who’s also adept in admin tasks is a bonus. They’re not just there to work, they’re there to streamline your operations and take off most of the tasks off your back.

This may sound cliché, but here’s a piece of great advice: Get an HVAide today.

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