Remoworks International LLC was borne out of the friendship of two friends who had a mission. They wanted to help Filipino healthcare professionals get better pay, more work and safety during the pandemic and at the same time, help doctors and medical practices streamline their practice and achieve more focus on their patients and get their time back by helping them with the administrative tasks that is holding them back.

The idea came from Doc Opulencia whose wife was a Nurse and Medical Virtual Assistant at that time. He approached his friend, a lawyer and a savvy businessman, Asisclo Castaneda III and they talked about how they could help their fellow Filipinos during the pandemic which was just starting at that time. They found that working from home was productive and decided to jump in that bandwagon just as it began to roll.

It was not easy at first. As a newcomer to the business, they had to prove themselves to clients more. They had less experience and needed to really push themselves to the limit, thinking of ways on how to brand them selves in the market. The answer came to them with their tagline: Achieve More, By doing less. They focused on Quality, training less numbers over their competition. They focused on building great client relationships with the clientele that they had and they worked on providing dynamic and resourceful solutions to problems that each clients face, feeding that back into the training system and making sure that each HVAide deployed is 100% capable to do the job that they needed and are fully supported by the team with additional training to pose them for success.

Their focus on excellence, client relations and keen sense of learning had made them a unique and trustworthy brand in the business growing their numbers through referrals. They made sure their service stayed the same level and communicated well with clients and HVAides. They are now known for their excellent matching – as both Doctors and HVAides have raved on how satisfied they are in their current jobs.

It has been two years now, since HVAide has been faithfully serving their clients and taking care of each VA. They attribute the success to teamwork, faith, and their understanding of each client needs and the community that they serve. They are very thankful to all their clients that have supported and trusted them throughout these two years.

Whats next?


The training team at HVAide has always been evolving and changing but they plan on building more training and teams focused on: Medical Billing and Coding, Remote Patient Monitoring , Quality Assurance, Clinical Research and other specific tasks.

Further, the team has expanded its business to two additional brands that covers different niche markets. BVAide is the jack of all trades, and business savvy brand whose aim is to help budding entrepreneurs and businesses by taking all the small time consuming administrative tasks and projects and concentrate on running their businesses. They have started deploying Social media managers, executive Assistants and IT professionals to virtual jobs in the US and Australia alike.

Further, in June of 2022, they launched LVAide, a specialized brand that provide law firms, law partnerships, and legal sections/divisions of businesses and organizations a gateway to freelance,

contract, independent lawyers, and attorneys who work on either interim or contract-based legal work at a determined or customized time period.

With all these in mind, the Remoworks team is growing at a steady pace, and taking on challenges that comes its way with a unified force to send the best Filipino Virtual Assistants to the world.

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Take your clinical practice to the next level with HVAide. Our trained and certified virtual medical assistants can work on administrative tasks on your behalf so you can focus more on your practice. Streamline your workflow, improve your processes, and give your clinic the global edge today. Accomplish more by doing less with HVAide.

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