HVaide to the Health Industy

Managing a company or a business,effectively juggling all the projects alongside it is one tough situation any business owner could face. There are never enough hours of tasks for a busy company. Outsourcing some of these tasks can definitely shave off some of the heavy workload of business owners like you. The need for outsourcing or virtual assistance in the medical industry has been consistently growing.This is due to the fact that even though virtual assistants cannot replace medical professionals, the virtual assistants could augment the medical professionals’ work and reduce the burden on them from the system. With the increasing number of Virtual Assistants, it may be confusing for you to find the “one” perfect person or team to partner with. Streamlining your workflow and improving your processes are generally what we are here for.

HVAide specializes in virtual medical assistance for healthcare providers and medical professionals.

We are a team of well-trained and competent Filipino professionals who are all top notch medical assistants. We offer front and back office support such as medical scribing, voice calls, managing patient appointments, maintaining the patient database, insurance verification and pre-certification, medical transcription, and other related administrative tasks.

Our HVAides are licensed health care professionals, trained and HIPAA certified who went through a strict and rigid screen process.

also proud to say that our hired team are all highly proficient in the English language.

In HVAide, without compromising our output’s quality of work, we offer a very competitive rate in the industry. We do not require contracts and set up fees, making our rates lower than most outsourcing companies.

We are presently a partner of several medical providers in different parts of the world. You can see the quality of our service through our many reviews and client testimonials, which are all positive and way above average. Hiring our team will help you increase your clinic’s productivity and focus more on patients rather than administrative tasks. Integrating HVAide as your virtual support in healthcare is here to get you to the next level, improve your clinical workflow and increase your work efficiency. Give your clinic the global edge.

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Take your clinical practice to the next level with HVAide. Our trained and certified virtual medical assistants can work on administrative tasks on your behalf so you can focus more on your practice. Streamline your workflow, improve your processes, and give your clinic the global edge today. Accomplish more by doing less with HVAide.

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