3 Awesome Reasons Why Hiring A Healthcare Virtual Aide (HVAide) Is Best For You

In this article, we will explain the reasons why acquiring a virtual medical assistant, specifically an HVAide, is of great advantage to your clinic.

The world has been changing a lot for the past decade, but it underwent a fast-forward last year. All ways of life have been affected, and new ways and methods have been crafted for every mode of interaction for every profession. This is most applicable to doctors and their clinics.

A doctor’s daily life has always been tiring; sometimes, it feels like even 24 hours is not enough to jam in all the tasks needed to be done. The common citizen thinks that all a doctor needs to do is to check on patients—they don’t realize that a doctor’s normal day also includes managing the clinic’s day-to-day operations such as receive client/patient calls and answer inquiries, follow up pending insurances, maintain and update patient records, and others. These tasks leave little time for doctors to perform their actual practice of providing medical care to their patients.

Sure, the old traditional ways call for you to hire a staff to help you with all these. Sure, it’s a wise decision. But is it the wisest decision you can make? Don’t be lulled into a knee-jerk reaction of immediately hiring a local, physical staff. Continue reading first, because here are the 3 reasons why hiring a Healthcare Virtual Aide is actually the “wisest decision” we’re talking about.

1. An HVAide has more skills than an actual medical assistant.

Your staff knows how to use a computer, has knowledge in typing reports, etc. But what if a situation arises when advanced computer knowledge or app usage is needed? What if your front desk staffer can’t report for the day, can your records personnel fill in and deliver the same quality of service your absent employee dispenses? That’s a lot of what ifs! The fact that HVAides are also virtual assistants automatically qualifies them to do administrative, office-related tasks, such as:

  • Front-desk duties
  • Insurance verification and follow-up
  • Care management
  • Record-keeping and maintenance
  • Social media management … and more!

2. Hiring an HVAide saves you from further expenses.

This is the prime separator of taking in a local, physical staffer versus acquiring an HVAide. With the former, you will have to allot funds for their healthcare insurance, their social security, their hazard pay, and other expenses besides their actual pay. With your virtual medical assistant, you will only need to shell out salaries. This alone makes hiring an HVAide more advantageous than the other option.

3. An HVAide helps you do more with the help of technology, making you worry less about other stuff.

This is parallel to the first reason above. Being a virtual assistant entails that they are tech-savvy, with knowledge of multiple apps and basic troubleshooting. This means that whatever administrative or operational need your clinic may have, an HVAide can find the right app or perform the right function with just a few clicks. So while a regular, local staffer can only do typing, saving, and other basic computer duties, your HVAide is already doing social media postings for your clinic, as well as keeping your records well-maintained and updated.

So why wait? Take advantage of the advantages an HVAide can give your clinic. Message us today for more details on how to get your own awesome virtual medical assistant!

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